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Pavers are an essential element of any landscaping plan. Whether building a beautiful patio or laying an enchanting path of stepping stones, pavers define your space with the perfect balance of style and utility. Of course, choosing the right pavers can make a big difference in how your outdoor space looks when you are done.

You will find an excellent selection of outdoor pavers at Mulch Barn Supply, including a wide range of trendy paver brands, styles, and a large variety of colors.

Our Landscaping Paver and Wall Products

Mulch Barn Supply is proud to offer pavers from several of the nation’s leading paver brands, giving you the creativity and durability you need to transform your outdoor spaces into beautiful hardscaped environments. Pavers are versatile as building materials, for not only walkways, driveways, and patios but also as retaining walls and yard division.

Techo-Bloc Pavers

Techo-Bloc is a trending brand, offering pavers of many interesting shapes and patterns to create a uniquely beautiful space. Techo-Bloc pavers are made from granite aggregates, built to last with durable water absorption and a surprising range of colors and shapes. 

Techno Pavers include HD2. With higher particles per square inch, this patent-pending process creates a tighter surface for the most beautiful results. HD2 allows for higher pigment color bands that stand out, and due to the resistance to flexion and compression, this ensures they won’t crumble over time.


Cambridge pavers are beautifully crafted paving and wall stones made with high-density concrete called ArmorTec®. Choose a color scheme ranging from Limestone quarry to warm Sahara Chestnut, or build a palette for your entire hardscape design, including elegant accent colors and eye-catching variations in each stone.


Nicklock paving stones offer a high-quality product line using paver-shield™ technology to create a more durable and water-resistant design. They are concrete pavers made with ultra-fine Portland cement and added color for superior paving quality and outdoor design.


Glen-Gery offers over 600 brick products to add charm to your outdoor space with their bricks with Thin Tech designed to accommodate any design application with their flat and corner pieces. 

Rosetta Hardscapes

Rosetta offers a range of pavers and wall blocks with a natural stone look, combining locking pavers with rough-hewn natural-looking blocks for hardscaping. Rosetta is made with architectural-grade precast concrete that will withstand the elements. 

Stone Age

Stone Age Manufacturing produces a wide selection of modular fireplaces and pizza ovens, along with outdoor kitchen islands and barbecue smokers. Their masonry kits are customizable to fit any type of design statement without sacrificing structural resilience or performance, giving any outdoor space a guaranteed timeless look.

Best Uses for Landscaping Pavers

Landscaping pavers are durable and beautiful, designed to give their best performance when professionally laid outdoors. They are the foundation of any patio and hardscaped outdoor space, but you can do more with pavers than you might realize.

Here are some of the best uses for landscaping pavers, though by no means is the full scope of what creative design can achieve with high-quality paving stones.

    • Patios
    • Driveways
    • Walkways
    • Stepping stones
    • Poolside patios
    • Hardscaped seating areas
    • Outdoor kitchens
    • Water gardens
    • Lined garden beds and raised planters
    • Fire pits
    • Barbecue pits

What will you build with your landscaping pavers? The choice is up to what you can envision and what your contractors can achieve.

Shop Bux-Mont’s Best Selection of Landscaping Pavers

Mulch Barn Supply is proud to provide beautiful, high-quality landscaping pavers and other hardscape products to the Bux-Mont community and surrounding area. Our wide selection of brands, colors, and styles is intended to help you unlock the possibilities of your outdoor space. Stone pavers are an excellent addition to any outdoor project, whether you use them one at a time as stepping stones or fit together an enchanting hardscaped space.

Contact us today if you are considering incorporating pavers into your outdoor renovations. Our team will gladly consult on the right color scheme, shape, size, and brand of stone pavers to complete your vision. Browse our inventory and reach out for a quote at any time.