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Old World Stone Veneer
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People have been building with real stone for thousands of years. There was a time when a stone house was the finest insulation and protection human architecture had. That time has passed, but even as we build out of drywall and fiberglass, we still long for that ancient, beautiful aesthetic of stone-built homes. Of course, if your taste has evolved into a Modern Look, we’ve got you covered. We have the right product to match any aesthetic.

This is where stone veneer takes an important role in modern home design; stone veneers make it possible to make your home look and feel as though it were built from stone without abandoning the high-tech building materials of today and their many lifestyle benefits. Stone siding veneers are elegant and honor our ancient aesthetic traditions at the same time. You can find beautiful stone veneer options in Bucks-Mont at Mulch Barn Supply.

Our Landscaping Stone Veneer Products

Mulch Barn Supply carries a wide range of stone veneer options, allowing you to custom-tailor the look and feel of your home’s exterior and interior design to what you find most beautiful.

Eldorado Stone

Eldorado Stone offers a warm, traditional look ranging from dusty gray to warm cream to glowing amber-colored stone. Each stone is perfectly molded into natural, rough-hewn forms from Portland Cement, lightweight aggregates, and iron oxide pigments.

Dutch Quality Stone

Dutch Quality Stone brings a taste of the old world to our beautiful Bucks-Mont neighborhoods with styles like fieldstone, ledgestone, limestone, and dry stack. These beautiful veneer stone pieces are crafted with a wide selection of styles, colors, and individual stone sizes.

StoneCraft Industries

StoneCraft uses molds cast from real stones to create a truly authentic look and feel for each veneer design. Stonecraft specializes in veneer stone wall designs that look hand-built but have the reliability of an engineered veneer installation. It features patterns such as cobblestone, fieldstone, and laurel cavern ledge stone.

Glen Gery Brick

A smoother modern look for your stone veneers, simulating almost brick-like rectangular stone chips layered together in an eye-catching effect. Come in muted palettes of modern gray, charcoal, umber, and warm beige.

Quarry Cut

What is unique about Quarry Cut is that their veneers are thin-cut from real stone, and the difference is noticeable. These beautiful stone veneer systems exude the beauty and nostalgia of natural stone construction, including varieties like Crystal Creek Stone, Split Field Dark Stone, Mica Blend Stone, and more.

Old World Stone Veneer

As you might guess, Old World Stone brings the charm of traditional stone cottage and fieldstone construction, using real stone for their veneer products. With signature veneers like Homestead Ruble and soft ash-palette Ledgestone, you may find that Old World Stone is the right veneer for you.

Best Uses for Stone Veneer

Stone veneer makes a beautiful addition to many different construction projects. You can use it indoors or outdoors, as part of your home or landscaping. You can create stone-clad accent features or highlight your stone design. Here are some of the best ways to enhance your home with a beautiful stone veneer.

    • Home exteriors
    • Dramatic walls and interiors
    • Patio and barbecue areas
    • Fireplace wall cladding
    • Stone steps and levels
    • Landscaping retaining walls
    • Outbuildings and sheds
    • Emplaced pergolas and pagodas

Shop Bulk Bux-Mont’s Best Selection of Stone Veneer

Mulch Barn Supply is proud to help you find the perfect match for your style and vision of a beautiful natural stone veneer design for your home or commercial project. Stone veneers are an excellent addition to home design, bringing the charm of history to modern construction. Whether you are looking to clad the outside of your home, create a traditional fireplace, build a new outdoor kitchen, or craft a striking interior wall, you are sure to find the ideal stone in our inventory.

Contact us today for personalized assistance securing the stone veneer to complete your home and design.