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Many Bux-Mont residents turn to natural stone when they want beautiful, gleaming ground cover for gardens, backyard spaces, or commercial landscape projects. Regardless of your outdoor project vision, decorative stone for landscaping makes it possible to make unplanted spaces beautiful, provide walking traction along paths, and define uniquely artistic spaces.

Landscaping stone is used in hundreds of different ways, and Mulch Barn Supply is proud to be a part of outdoor projects throughout the Bux-Mont area. 

Our Bulk Stone Products

Are you considering a landscaping project that calls for a large volume of crushed or decorative stone? Just to note before starting a project, bulk stone isn’t a style in and of itself, but a general volume. Bulk stone is actually referring to large volumes of loose stone. Our bulk stone can be purchased in quarter, half, three-quarters, and by the full yard. One yard covers 100 square feet, three inches deep.

Whether laying a path, repairing a driveway, lining a flower bed, or creating a beautiful water feature, consider which size and style of decorative or crushed stone works best for your designs.

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone or gravel offers ideal traction for pathways and driveways. When crushed, it breaks apart along the natural molecular lines formed within the rock, leaving a random combination of rough and smooth edges. Crushed stone is also used for paver and wall projects (used as the base foundation.) We have Grit Screenings, ½” 1B, ¾” 2B Clean, 2A Modified (sub-base), which would all be classified as crushed stone. Mulch Barn Supply carries crushed stone in gray and warm-gray color palettes ranging from 3/8" to 3/4".

Decorative Stone

Landscaping stone tends to be more rounded, favoring tumbled and polished stones or river rocks. Rounded stones can be more decorative (depending on the application) and are often chosen as the ground cover or base for artistic landscape projects. You might place bulk stone around the base of a statue or along the bed of your beautiful dry creek feature.

 Our landscaping stone ranges in size from 3/4" to 3-5" river jack, favoring gray with a warm hue. You will also find pea gravel, eye-catching red tipple, ¾ in Bantam eggs, and 2”-4” Goose Eggs. The tan and white colors of the bantam and goose egg stones give off a beach-type feel and are a great decorative rock for your landscape beds - most commonly used around pools. 

We offer decorative stones: ¾”, 1”-3”, and 3”-5” inch River Jack, Bantam eggs (3/4”), Goose eggs (2”-4”), red tipple (3/8”), and Pea Gravel (1/2”). 

Want more info - go ahead and give us a call at (215) 256-8870, and our team is happy to help.

Common Bux-Mont Stone Applications

  • Walking Paths
    • Line your walking paths with bulk decorative stone like ¾ in. River Jack, Pea Gravel stone, or grit for a lasting design that is easy to navigate.
  • Unpaved Driveways
    • Using 2B Clean or 2A Modified for driveways is less likely to rut and is easier to repair than unpaved ones, offering protection from moisture and traffic.
  • Flowerbeds and Gardens
    • Accent your flower beds by using the white and tans from the goose eggs and bantam eggs or the grays and reds of the river jack stone.
  • Statue and Landscaping Art Surrounds
    • If you are placing statues and outdoor art in your space, placing them in a pool of landscaping stone is a beautiful way to accentuate the area and reduce the need for up-to-the-pedestal grass.
  • Artistic Ground Cover
    • You can also cover large areas with bulk stone using your choice of color and texture to artistically define the space.

Bulk Landscaping and Crushed Stone Contractor Sales

Are you a contractor? Mulch Barn Supply will help you source the gravel or stone in bulk you need to meet your project’s demands. We will be happy to help you stock up on the size, color, and shape of stone each project requires.

Shop Bux-Mont's Best Selection of Landscaping and Crushed Stone

You won't have to look far if you're looking for bulk landscaping stone or gravel in the Bux-Mont area. Mulch Barn Supply has a beautiful selection of ground stone, river rocks, and tumbled stone in various sizes to meet your landscaping needs. Contact us today for a quote.