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Creating a beautiful garden is more than simply selecting the right plants and placements; you also need the right landscaping soil. The gardens of Bux-Mont can grow to spectacular beauty when adequately nourished. You can craft a blossoming oasis or create a peaceful landscape of perfectly spaced flowers and bushes unified by their beds of moist potting soil.

Of course, most lawns don't have the ideal soil for plant growth. This is why landscaping soil is ideal for preparing your flower beds and garden planters to nurture your beautiful flowers and greenery. You can find the finest soil and compost for landscaping in Bux-Mont area at Mulch Barn Supply.

Our Landscaping Soil Products

Which landscaping soil is best for your garden? It depends on the style of your outdoor space and the needs of the plants you choose to grow. Let's explore the full range of soil available from Mulch Barn Supply to encourage growth and protect the roots of your garden flowers, bushes, herbs, and produce.

Garden Compost

Garden compost is an excellent all-purpose soil base for most garden beds. The product is made from wood chips, straw, and aged horse manure, rich in the nutrients that growing plants need. The mixture is blended with water and cured for six months. It is then screened to create fine, crumbly compost soil that will break down quickly into nutrients.

Leaf Compost

Fallen leaves are an excellent additive to garden soil when properly composted. Leaf compost is processed and broken-down leaves that mix well with topsoil for most garden purposes. By special order only.

Mushroom Soil

SMS or Spent Mushroom Compost Substrate is what is left when a crop of mushrooms has been harvested. Mushrooms are nature's best natural composters, leaving the soil rich with organic matter. It's an excellent soil amendment or conditioner to re-invigorate your garden beds.
Additives include potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, ammonia, aluminum, and sodium.

Screened Topsoil

Screened topsoil is local soil screened to produce fine, textured dirt. The soil has had all signs of large rocks and sod removed. It is an ideal base for mixing new flower bed soil and repairing lawns. We can mix it with Mushroom Soil or Garden Compost for your target nutrient and texture blend.

Soil & Compost Mix

Soil and compost mix is a pre-blended mixture of our screened topsoil and garden compost. It is an excellent base for any garden bed and a good starter soil for new gardeners who are not yet practiced in soil nutrient sciences.

We Care Compost (Earthmate)

The richest compost in our inventory is our Earthmate Soil Rich compost, a primary soil conditioner made from composted sludge and mulch. The texture is crumbly and rich, ideal for new flowerbeds and broadcasted lawns. By special order only.

Infield Mix

Infield soil is a sifted heavy topsoil blend designed for sports fields, specifically the traction and durability needed for baseball diamonds. By special order only.

Organic Material Soil for Bux-Mont Landscaping

Mulch Barn Supply has the right soil to perfectly enhance your garden beds, lawns, and other landscaping needs. We are proud to cultivate the soil from local county sources and create the most natural compost blend to enrich your garden soil with the nutrients that growing plants need. Whether you are landscaping flower beds, produce planters, local parks, tree roots, or even a large number of indoor plants, we can help you create soil blends from which your plants will thrive.

Shop Bux-Mont's Best Selection of Landscaping Soil

Find the perfect soil blend in bulk for your garden or landscaping projects with Mulch Barn Supply. Contact us today for a quote on the quantity and composition of the landscaping soil and any other bulk materials needed for your next landscape project.