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In the Bux-Mont area of Pennsylvania, firewood is something that many households want to stockpile. During the cold winter, fireplaces in, providing a center for family life while supplementing electric heat. In the summer, we enjoy firepits and roasted marshmallows on cool nights with friends.

While some enjoy chopping their firewood log by log, most buy their firewood in bulk. At Mulch Barn Supply, you can buy dry-aged and seasoned firewood to refill your woodshed, stock your decorative firewood stacks, and enjoy a lovely fire whenever the time is right.

Uses for Firewood

Firewood is a valuable resource in the Bux-Mont community. We pile it high in fireplaces built into family homes and local businesses. But there are other uses for firewood as well.

Firewood is a helpful camping supply, and a few bundles in the back of a truck also contributes to your emergency supply kit. Firewood can even be used for landscaping, stacked vertically into raised beds, or laid horizontally into paths and borders.

Heating Value of Firewood

Firewood is extremely affordable for the heat it can provide. Compared to rising energy costs, heating your home with a fireplace or a cast iron stove can be much more cost-effective. A warm fire in your fireplace can also significantly reduce the amount of electric heating your home needs, especially when the family gathers in the room most heated by your fire.

Preparing Firewood

Seasoned firewood is dry-aged to perfection to provide a clean, long-lasting, and high-quality burn. To season firewood, first, it must be split and quartered, then stacked outdoors in the sun and wind for at least six months.

The Mulch Barn takes care of splitting and seasoning your firewood for you. Whether you want a single bulk delivery or you need a huge and steady stock, we can ensure you have as much dry-aged and seasoned firewood as you need without the effort of splitting and aging it yourself.

Storing Firewood

Once you have purchased your bulk firewood, the best place to store it is in a covered container outdoors. Many Bux-Mont homes already have a vertical firewood storage structure along the house's side or in a separate shed in the backyard. While you can have a collection of firewood by your fireplace, the bulk of your firewood should be outdoors, as large stacks tend to attract small harmless critters, which you do not want in your home.

Firewood For Your Home

If you need to stockpile firewood for your home, supply a friend or relative with firewood for the winter, or stock up fuel for a venue fireplace, Mulch Barn Supply can provide you with all the firewood you need. Let us help you keep your hearth warm and welcoming with cheerful fires whenever you want them through bulk deliveries of dry-aged and seasoned firewood.

If you need firewood delivered to your home or business, contact us to arrange for delivery of beautifully prepared firewood ready to stack and burn.