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Mulch is used in all manner of outdoor landscaping projects. It can line flowerbeds, protect tree roots, and provide a natural soft cushioning terrain for playgrounds. Decorative mulch is excellent for creating contrast and elegant landscaping designs, while natural mulch is a great ground cover for gardeners. While most green spaces produce a small amount of mulch product, purchasing bulk mulch is the best way to achieve the look and effect you desire on a larger scale.

You will find four essential selections for bulk mulch with Mulch Barn Supply. As our name suggests, mulch is one of the things we do best.

The Types of Mulch We Offer

Mulch Barn Supply offers five types of mulch; Black Dyed, Brown Dyed, Double-Ground Mulch, Triple-Ground Mulch, and Certified Playground Mulch. Each offers unique benefits to suit your landscaping needs.

Dyed Mulch

  • Brown dyed mulch
  • Black dyed mulch

Dyed mulch is excellent for decorative landscaping and aesthetic ground cover.

Black-dyed mulch absorbs heat and is particularly good at protecting delicate plants from sudden drops in temperature. It also offers an aesthetic appearance for stately landscaping when mulch is preferable to dark pebbles in corporate outdoor design.

Double-Ground Mulch

Typical mulch is rough in texture, made from ground tree bark and wood chips. Double-ground mulch with smaller pieces, as it stays in the grinder for a longer time. Double-ground mulch is a cost-effective choice for homeowners.

Triple-Ground Mulch

Triple-ground mulch provides the finest and softest mulch option, as it stays in the grinder for a longer time. Triple-ground mulch holds the most moisture due to the fine shreds while also blocking weeds and protecting plant roots below.

Certified Playground Mulch

Playground mulch is a unique and regulated type of mulch made purely of ground natural wood directly from a regulated sawmill. Playground mulch only includes fresh ground wood with no risk of outside contamination to protect the safety of children who may play where it is laid down. Playground mulch also tends to be rougher than garden mulch, designed to provide good traction and some amount of cushioning during play.

The Many Uses for Mulch

Mulch is an incredibly versatile landscaping material. For flowerbeds and tree roots, it holds moisture, traps heat, suppresses weeds, and keeps plants from being disturbed. Over empty ground, it can prevent soil erosion and provide traction for paths and activity areas. In playgrounds, it cushions falls when children are at play. It is also potentially quite decorative, providing a natural, nontoxic ground cover that can be dyed to suit any color scheme requirements.

  • Protect Flowerbeds
  • Protect Tree Roots
  • Protect Against Drought and Temperature
  • Line Walking Paths
  • Cushion Playgrounds
  • Lining Animal Pens
  • Reducing Weed Growth
  • Decorative Ground Cover
  • Reducing Soil Erosion

The Type and Quality of Your Mulch Matters

If you are preparing for a landscaping project that calls for mulch, Mulch Barn Supply can help you choose the perfect bulk product for your needs. The type and quality of your mulch matters, and we know how to match your bulk mulch with your landscaping design. Whether you are protecting a delicate garden, landscaping corporate grounds, or laying ground cover for paths and playgrounds, you will find the mulch you need at Mulch Barn Supply.